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Cavalon Specifications

Dual side-by-side seating.  

Two removable side doors, each with sliding and vent windows. 


Length: 15' 1"       Width: 6' 3"       Height:  9' 2" 



MTOW - 992 (1,212.5) lbs

VNE: 100 mph

Rotor: 27' 6"   

Range: up to 5 h

Engine:  Rotax 912/914

Equipment: radio/GPS/EFIS



Rotax 912 ULS with 100 HP

Rotax 914 UL Turbo with 115 HP

Rotax 912 iS with 100 HP (dependent upon registration) 

4 cylinders

Liquid-cooled cylinder heads

Air-cooled cylinders

Dry sump forced lubricaton

Electronic dual ignition

2 electronic fuel pumps for the 912 ULS



Airspeed and altitude

Engine and rotor rpm

Oil and cylinder head temperature

Oil Pressure

Standard compass on top of instrument panel

Temperatuare indicator OAT and RBT

Engine hour meter

Electric fuel guage

12V power plug



Standard colors: yellow, red, or white (included in basic price)

Special colors (metalic or solid), two-color lacquer finishes or  special lacquer finishes may be special ordered. 

Panels (body, tail, unit, rudder, engine, and mast panels, suspension bow, wheel housings and spinner) are painted in the customer's color. 



Pilot seat with adjustable back, sitting position, and angle

Adjustable pedal position

Recommended body height  5'1" to 6'8 5/8" 



Radio: ART833 Funkwerk Avionics

Transponder: TRT800H Funkwerk Avionics

ELT: automatic radio beacon Kannad 406 compact

Filser radio: ATR500 or ATR833 fully fitted

Headsets: Sennheiser S1, HMEC 460, HME 110



Landing lights LED

LED strobes and navigation lights



Garmin 695

ThinkNavi T7

Flymap L, LD, XL

Dynon SkyView 10:

iPad mouting bracket



Vertical spped indicator 80 or 57mm

Manifold pressure indicator





Leather seats

Comfort seats with lumbar support and heating.

Floor mats

Sun shield

Cockpit heater (variable in-flight)

Painted wheel spats front and rear

Painted interior

Optional asphalt or lugged tires

Fire warning system

Lockable fuel tank cap

Super B battery (weight reduction 4.4 lbs)


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