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The Calidus is tailored perfectly to our customers' requirements for first class style and safety.   Auto Gyro's newly developed and patented Silent Block System has now been integrated into the aircraft to minimize vibration. 


Ideal for all kinds of weather conditions, the Calidus always offers maximum comfort with its heated cabin, adjustable pilot seat, and easily interchangeable canopy with or without sun roof and open sides.  


Each Calidus is handmade and completely customized in Auto Gyro's serial production factory in Germany.  Equipped with the most modern avionics technology, each gyroplane offers a 100% safe, fun, and fascinating flight experience. 

Calidus Specifications


EAA Writer Takes an Introductory Flight in a Calidus


MTOW - 992 (1,212) lbs

VNE: 120 mph

Cruise: 95-110

Take off distance: 30-300 feet

Landing distance: 0-30 feet

Fuel Capacity: 19.8 gallons

Fuel Burn: 3-4.5 gallons per hour

Rotor: 27' 6"   

Range: 4.5 hours

Empty weight: 595 lbs

Can carry 595 lbs

Equipment: radio/GPS/EFIS



Rotax 912 ULS with 100 HP

Rotax 914 UL Turbo with 115 HP w/airbox,

fitted complete w/slipper clutch and high exhaust system

Four cylinders

Liquid-cooled cylinder heads

Air-cooled cylinders

Dry sump forced lubricaton

Electronic dual ignition

Two electronic fuel pumps for the 912 ULS

Firewall between engine and cabin



Naca 8H12 8.4 aluminum rotor system w/tip weights

Pneumatic rotor trim, side trim, and rotor brake

Pneumatic assisted pre-rotator

Rotor system vibration damper



HTC 3B CW172.5 electric in-flight variable-pitch propeller



Airspeed and altitude

Engine and rotor RPM

Oil and cylinder head temperature

Oil pressure

Engine CHT


Temperatuare indicator OAT and RBT

Engine hour meter (Hobbs)

Electric fuel guage




Fully painted body and composite panels

Standard colors: yellow, red, or white

Custom lacquer finishes available at additional cost



Tandem 2-seat configuraton

Pilot seat with position adjustable seat back

Seats include 4-point harness system



Radio: ART833 Funkwerk Avionics

Transponder: TRT 800H Funkwerk Avionics fully fitted and tested

ELT: automatic radio beacon Kannad 406 compact

Filser radio ATR 500 or ATR 833 fully fitted

Card compass in place of standard compass



Landing lights LED

LED strobes and navigation lights



GPS cockpit variants for the following GPS devices:

AvMap EKP IV, Fly Map L, Think Navi T7, EFIS.

Rate of climb indicator (VSI) 80 and/or 57mm

Cockpit ventilation



36 liter auxiliary fuel tank

Stainless steel e-polished frame

Pneumatic pitch trim and rotor brake

Explore Iceland in a Calidus and a Cavalon

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